Standby Power: What a Waste

Check out these power standby usage data

I always knew that turning off the lights when you weren’t using them was important(thanks dad!). And thanks to recent studies and PSAs, I’ve realized that the equipment I have plugged in draws a constant stream of current, and that adds up over time. Still though, I couldn’t be bothered to shove my hand behind my bed with all the dust and dog-fur to unplug my power strip every time I leave the house.

When I took a look at these figures from Lawrence Berkeley International Laboratory, I decided to take another look at what my electric meter is doing while I’m at work/asleep. I’m in a difficult position, as is any green/tech blogger. I love my internets and gadgets, but I also don’t want to be an insurmountable burden on the planet. Surely we can compromise and use less of the appliances that we’re already not using, right?

Stay tuned for a followup post on the environmental impacts of the internet and the modern data consumer.

2 thoughts on “Standby Power: What a Waste”

  1. I hear you.
    The constant “sucking” of electricity by unused gadgets makes me think of a leaky faucet – before you realize and fix it (if you do), you’ve wasted gallons of water. But as such is the human nature, rather apathetic. Which one could argue is the root of most problems we face today, which cut across – from politics to the economy to the environment.
    While some of it is apathy, convenience also plays a big factor. I am hard pressed to give up driving my SUV, especially considering the snowy-roads conditions we experience during the winter. I will say, however, that I do try to limit the time and distance I drive it, primarily by working from home as much as I can :)

  2. I am an Electronics Engineer, NEVER switch off at the wall, it does shorten the life of equipment buying new equipment is not very green is it. Being green is not just saving electric it is saving the earth buy not buying new as often.
    My 42″ TV uses 1W on standby and 116W when in use, nothing like the 45% the government claim? so why would they say it, the economy is poor at the moment so what are they trying to get us to do, they are trying to restart the economy by getting us to spend , so are you going to buy a new TV this year, maybe not, but if your TV dies will you then? Think about it.
    Watch for how many adverts on TV will want you to switch off at the wall you will see a lot more of these adds over the next few months.
    Almost all electrical equipment has more stress on componants starting from cold than it does when starting from standby, when your last light bulb went pop when was it, was it when you was turning it on by any chance? when your TV or almost anything electrical went wrong last was it when you came to turn it on? dont get me wrong sometimes things do go faulty when on but more often than not it is at switch on. But you will say “it is a fire risk when it is on”, maybe it was years ago voltages are much lower in equipment now and fire is very very rare, ok then “what if there is a storm while im out and my mom always said unplug when a storm is about” (lol) ( i have heard this many times) if lightning has traveled 20 miles from sky to your house it will not worry about the last 2 feet.
    I am sure we have all worked somewhere where there is a light that has been there for years and years never being replaced it is usually because it is never turned off so no stress, it will go eventually but it will last a very very long time.
    I repair lots of equipment i always ask when or how did it go wrong 98% of the time they say i just turned it on!!!!

    BE GREEN leave it ON

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